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Subtle with a Side of Surprise!

The greatest thing about a neutral palette is that it creates the perfect backdrop for highlighting a bold accent. Keep it monochromatic by combining calming and relaxing shades of white, beige or gray with a mix of textural elements to add depth and create movement with your design. Then finish things off with a surprising pop of color and see your space come to life!

Timeless Turquoise

Throughout history, cultures around the world have been fascinated by the beauty of natural stones, so it’s no wonder that turquoise continues to reign as an element of choice. This extremely versatile color pairs perfectly with any style and can be used as an accent, or take center stage. The carpets of our Streets Collection will provide the ideal canvas for you to create your very own turquoise inspired space.

Down to Earth

No one knows how to create natural beauty quite like Mother Nature herself, and that's why some of the most alluring interior designs are based on the color palettes found just outside our windows. A blend of delicate hues layered with organic accents will result in an understated and sophisticated space. It's a habitat that will never go out of style.

Natural Elements

If your hectic lifestyle leaves you beckoning for a calm respite, it may be time to revitalize your surroundings. Nature lovers from all necks of the woods will appreciate the serene hues and soft textural elements of our Artistry Collection. With a subtle sheen and supple feels these carpets will add the warmth and comfort to complement your indoor retreat.