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  • FloorEver™ Surpass Capture FE112-937 Swatch
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Succeed and Surpass are beautifully crafted SureSoftSDN™ cut pile textures that utilize our proprietary ColorSense Technology. With the ability to add darker accents it creates a dynamic color palette and contrast to the multi-colored carpets giving the consumer color flexibility with designing her room.

Product Info
- Collection: FloorEver™
- Colorway Name: Capture
- Product Number: FE112-937
- Size: 12' wide roll
Carpet Specs
- Origin: Made in USA
- Waterproof: No
- Fiber: SureSoftSDN™ Cationic Solution Dyed Nylon
- Repeat Length: 0
- Repeat Width: 3
- Warranted for Stairs: Yes
- Warranted for Stairs: Yes
- Abrasive Wear: 25 Year Limited Abrasive Wear
- Fade Resistance: Lifetime Limited Fade Resistance
- Manufacturing Defects: Lifetime Limited Manufacturing Defects
- Stain Resistance: Lifetime Limited Stain Resistance-(includes Resistance to pet urine stains)
- Texture Retention: 25 Year Limited Texture Retention
- Warranty Details: Lifetime Limited Stain Resistance-(includes Resistance to pet urine stains) Lifetime Limited Soil Resistance Lifetime Limited Anti-Static Lifetime Limited Fade Resistance Lifetime Limited
- Antimicrobial Protection: Microban®
- Asthma and Allergy Friendly: Yes

Warranty Information:

  • Lifetime Limited Abrasive Wear
  • Lifetime Limited Fade Resistance
  • Lifetime Limited Stain Resistance
  • 10 Year Limited Texture Retention
  • 10 Year Limited Manufacturing Defects

*Regular professional cleaning required to keep warranty valid. For more information view the Phenix FloorEver™ Carpet Warranty

Care Information: How to Care for Your New Phenix Carpet

Note: Professional installation is key to the long-term performance of your Mannington floor, and key to your satisfaction. The number one cause of dissatisfaction with flooring performance and appearance is poor installation.

Installation Information: How to Install Carpet

FloorEver™ Carpet


Color: Capture
Product Number: FE112-937
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  • Go Beyond
  • Gain
  • Establish
  • Make it Happen
  • Conquer
  • Commit
  • Overcome
  • Outshine
  • Eclipse
  • Prosper
  • Excel
  • Capture
  • Transcend
  • Accomplish
  • Revamp
  • Advance
  • 12' wide roll


  • FloorEver™ Surpass Capture FE112-937 https://manningtonprod.pimcoreclient.com/Mannington/Icons/KidPetFriendlyIcon.png
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  • FloorEver™ Surpass Capture FE112-937 https://manningtonprod.pimcoreclient.com/Mannington/Icons/MicrobanIcon.png
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  • FloorEver™ Surpass Capture FE112-937 https://manningtonprod.pimcoreclient.com/Mannington/Icons/10WarrantyIcon.png

Most Phenix Floors Feature Microban® Surface Protection

Phenix Carpet Featuring Microban® Surface Protection


Phenix Carpet Featuring Microban® Surface Protection

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Built to withstand the "uh-ohs" in your home, 24/7, with exceptional warranties for stain and spill protection, as well as product durability. Plus, all FloorEver™ carpets with Microban® are protected 24/7 against the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, and remain 99% cleaner than untreated surfaces.

FloorEver™ carpets are:

  • Are Kid and Pet Friendly

  • Has Stain & Spill Protection

  • Its Durability is Guaranteed

  • Features a 100-day Satisfaction Warranty

  • Features Microban® surface protection

In addition:

  • Asthma & Allergy Friendly*

  • Phenix Flooring carpets help you breathe easier by reducing airborne allergens

  • Made in the USA

  • Lifetime Limited Stain Resistance (Includes Resistance to pet urine stains), Soil Resistance, Fade Resistance and more.

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Offering durability and enhanced ease of care, Phenix carpets with Microban® help protect 24/7 against the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, and remain 99% cleaner than untreated surfaces.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with knowing your carpet is always working to stay cleaner, fresher and more beautiful. Thanks to the proactive technologies built into Phenix carpets with Microban®, it is easier than ever to get the fresh, clean, comfortable home you want for your family. Spend less time worrying about whether your floor is clean and more time enjoying a cleaner home.