Carpets that Look Newer Longer

Stain Resistant Fibers

The Difference is our Solution Dyed Fiber

All Phenix carpets feature solution dyed fibers. A solution dyed fiber's color is all the way through the fiber, like a carrot. Surface dyed fibers only have the color on the outside of the fiber, like a radish.

Carrot Radish

The benefit of having the color all the way through the fiber is the color of the carpet lasts longer. It resists stains, fading, and wear and tear. Surface dyed fibers become dull over time because the color is worn away.

Phenix creates our own fibers in McAdenville, NC, a town also known as Christmas Town USA.

We create two types of solution dyed fibers:

  • SureSoftSDN™ - A special solution dyed cationic nylon fiber.

  • SureSoftSD™ - A solution dyed polyester fiber.


Solution Dyed Cationic Nylon

Livable luxury is the best way to describe SureSoftSDN™ carpet fibers. This state of the art fiber provides inherent stain, soil, and fade resistance while maintaining superior protection for your home. Bring on the kids and pets, this durable nylon fiber will bounce back time and time again to ensure your carpet looks newer longer.

1. Commercial-grade stain protection in a residential carpet.
Our SureSoftSDN™ cationic nylon fibers repel acid-based stains. No worries about spills like wine, spaghetti sauce or pet stains.

2. Color through the entire fiber, not just on the surface.
Or SureSoftSDN™ fibers are Solution Dyed, meaning they have the dye all the way through the fiber, like a carrot. Which means no fading and after years of wear from cleaning and wear and tear, the color of the
carpet will still shine through.

3. Microban® Surface Protection
Helping to protect 24/7 against the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew, and remain 99% cleaner than untreated surfaces.

4. Warranted for Stairs.
How many carpets can you name that are warranted for stairs? We stand by our durability and performance of our SureSoftSDN™ fibers so much, this carpet is warranted for the stairs.

You can find our soft surface floors featuring SureSoftSDN™ fibers in our FloorEver™ PetPlus collection and select styles in FloorEver™.


Solution Dyed Polyester

Get lost in the feeling of SureSoftSD™ carpet fibers. Excellent stain and soil resistance make it easy to clean and maintain, so relax and enjoy the comfort of your carpet without worries about spills or pet messes. Fade resistance ensures this carpet won’t fade in the sun. Rest assured your new carpet will meet all your household needs.

You can find our soft surface floors featuring SureSoftSD™ fibers in our Microban® Polyester collection, Modern Contours, and select FloorEver™ styles.